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Welcome to the
Navajo Nation Office
of Background Investigations



If you need a Criminal Traffic History Record for housing, school, dormitory, etc.
Please visit Information Management Section (IMS) website at for more information. Click here to access a Criminal Traffic History Record (CTHR) Form. 


OBI provides digital fingerprinting services on FD-258 Fingerprint Card - $10.60 money order. However, OBI does not provide the FD-258 Fingerprint Card. Please contact your employer or your state Department of Public Safety to mail you the background check/fingerprint clearance card packet with FD-258 Fingerprint Card or visit their website:

Arizona DPS -

Phone/Fax: Mailing Address
(602) 223-2279 Arizona Department of Public Safety
(602) 223-2947-fax Applicant Clearance Card Team
P.O Box
Phoenix, AZ 85005-8390

New Mexico DPS - or

Fingerprinting services available for FBI, ABA, and FINRA. IdentoGO uses Live Scan and Mobile live scan technology.


Yá'át'ééh - Welcome

The Office of Background Investigations (OBI) strives to ensure that Navajo Nation employees are provided a work environment that minimizes risk to the health and safety of its employees, volunteers, interns, program participants, and to protect the Navajo Nation's funds, properties, and other assets. 


To provide a one-stop background check service for all Navajo Nation employees who occupy a sensitive position and for those individuals that require service. Naalnish naalkaah bił haz'á


To conduct professional background investigation and adjudication services to determine an individual's suitability for employment on the Navajo Nation.


All background investigations and adjudications are conducted in accordance to the Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual Section IV. K.,
see below.

Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual
Section IV. K. Background Check and Adjudication for Sensitive Positions

These policies apply to all employees who are regular status, seasonal, at-will, or temporary, applicants, volunteers, interns, and to employees who are assigned (i.e., transfer, promotion or position reclassification) to a sensitive position.


Sensitive positions are those positions with the following job responsibilities:

  1. providing child care in a child care facility, or providing for the health, safety and welfare of a child, particularly where responsibility involves direct repetitive contact with a child or unsupervised access to children;
  2. providing patient care or providing for the health, safety and welfare of adults and elders;
  3. having responsibility for money, receipts and/or disbursement of negotiable instruments, e.g., money, checks and property disbursements;
  4. having responsibility for credit data, credit account records or credit transactions;
  5. carrying and using firearms;
  6. having responsibility for the safety and security of Navajo Nation property;
  7. having routine access to security control and key systems;
  8. having responsibility for controlled substances or toxic, radioactive or other hazardous materials;
  9. having responsibility for confidential information or sensitive data protected by federal, state, or Navajo Nation law.


Additional federal regulations and requirements may be applicable dependent upon a program's funding source.

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